Traveling Nanny Salary

by wheng18 on August 23, 2011

traveling nannyDid you ever feel uneasy and stressed whenever you bring your kids with you on vacation or whenever you go on air travel? Well, usually some travellers who are capable enough of having their nannies around then they can have lesser burden. Either your regular nanny who’s with you regularly or even stay out nanny.

Childcare is best given when you have someone to help you especially when travelling. It may cost you but you’ll have a better travelling experience if you do can afford having one. There are nannies who are paid according to experience, just the same as any other job out there. Their salaries do vary, that’s according also on how many hours they get to stay on work. Those who are working full time expect a salary ranging from 300- 550 dollars per week, that’s in the U.S. That is according to a site. For those who are staying in, they get a lower salary than those who are living out but one consideration also is that you still have to work the same hours as stay in nannies do. They work 40 hours in a week and if you work more than that, you are paid separately for an overtime pay. There are different factors that affect the salary given to nannies, if people do live in cities, the higher salary you get better than those who live in rural areas. One consideration also is the experience and the age of nannies.

It’s still on you how much time does your nanny have to work for you. If you want, your nannies can stay with you or they can have short- term or temporary nannies, just call them when you need them. It depends on the contract made between you and your nanny for as long as everything is clear to both of you.

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