Top Travel Spots in Bohol

by wheng18 on August 26, 2011

Travel spots in BoholOne of the unusual islands in the Philippines is Bohol, you may have wondered why but here are the reasons why. For those who have seen Bohol, I guess they would definitely agree with me. For the many places you’ve traveled all over the world, being in this place would give you that there are also lots of Philippine destinations that has world-class luster.

Here are the top travel spots in Bohol:

Chocolate Hills. the ever loved and captivating perfectly cone- shaped hills having same sizes that can be seen in the towns on Batuan, Sagbayan and Carmen. They are the spots you shouldn’t miss as you travel to Bohol for the place is very known for these chocolate hills.

Philippine Tarsier. One of the many attractions in Bohol is the second smallest primate in whole world, the tarsier which can only be seen in Bohol.
And aside from these two very known attractions, they also boasts a number of scenic churches. Bohol is the home of the second oldest church in the country, the Baclayon Church.

Welcome to Bohol, the Philippines’ most whimsical island – from its colourful fiestas, to the 1,268 Chocolate Hills, its top-notch white-sand beaches, dolphin watching, diving, river cruising, tarsiers, Filipino-Spanish heritage houses and churches, an interesting history and warm and welcoming people- it is safe to say that Bohol is quite the Philippines in a nutshell.

Philippines is popular for the spectacular beaches, Bohol is also surrounded by beautiful and impressive white sand beaches like the Dumaluan and Alona Beaches located at the island of Panglao.

One added famous attraction in Bohol is the great, amazing performances of dolphins at Pamilcan and Balicasag, you should never miss this dolphin- watching activity.

You can take a flight from Manila to Tagbilaran but if you can’t, you can fly to Cebu first and travel to Tagbilaran by boat. Here are only a few of the most popular top travel spots in Bohol. You have to take an opportunity of getting there so you could see yourself and discover a lot more.

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