Top Shopping Malls in the Philippines

by wheng18 on August 26, 2011

Mall of Asia PhilippinesFilipinos are considered one of the top countries who demonstrate the value of happiness. We are known to be happy people. We can easily satisfy ourselves and with simple things, we are contented. We get those smiles in our faces by simply just strolling into malls, do shopping or even merely window shopping. Malls now are well developed and we can have a lot of activities in just one place. We can have a place for leisure, food, health and fitness, market place, beauty and entertainment all in just one destination.

The Philippines has a lot of malls all around the country but I’m just going to name a few of the top shopping malls in the Philippines where Filipinos and tourists can go as they visit the Philippines.

A mall located by the Manila Bay and it is known as the largest mall in the country and guess what, it is one of the top 10 largest malls in the world. A day wouldn’t be enough for you to stroll and see every part of the mall. You may seem to see it small but it is definitely the same feeling as you enter the place. MOA boasts a beautiful view from the bay and it is perfect for sunset viewing and a place where you can have photographs taken. It won’t be too hard for you too if you feel hungry for some food stalls are there. It has a lot to offer from the numerous brands and choices on clothes, shoes and more, MOA also is the first to offer IMAX Theater in the Philippines. Other countries may have traveled a long way from, the Philippines if never left behind.

One great mall located in Makati. It where the most of the branded clothes, shoes and accessories are seen. Greenbelt comprises 5 malls but named as 1, they just differ in number. It is the place where wealthy people do shop. Different restaurants and a number of classy boutiques are there but this doesn’t mean only them can shop there.

Located in Mandaluyong City and can only be reached by train. There are a number of hot shopping malls in the country and Megamall is one of the best. It provides shoppers great stores and a number of movie houses that gives so much satisfaction to people.

It is said to be an old mall but a few years ago, the place was made to be one of the best shopping malls in the country. It is a symbol of entertainment, great deals and satisfaction. The fact that the place is very accessible to shoppers, a lot do visit the place every year and has been listed the most visited and most populated mall in the country. It is the second home of IMAX theaters.

The malls listed are just a few of the top shopping malls in the Philippines.It has become one of the most liked hobby of Filipinos, that is going to malls.

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