Teen Travel Games

by wheng18 on September 9, 2011

Teen Travel GamesTeens do love fun games especially when traveling. They love listening to music, and play games in their PSP, that’s for sure but they also feel bored after repeating the same thing over and over. Doing fun game is a way to ease that boredom. Teens do love travel games, activities that will give life to their sluggish spirits.

They enjoy these teen travel games and activities much while traveling.

  • One good game when traveling is doing a guessing game. Prepare some papers and write on words that you would want the player to guess. A pair is needed as players. Do not show the word to the player who’s gonna guess. You can bring a cap or just tape it on his forehead so he won’t see. The player who will guess will tell whether the word is on these categories, food, place, thing, animal and others and eventually he will be led to the correct answer, while the partner is just going to say yes, no, or it can be.
  • This game is for them to figure out the title and who sings the song played. Someone gets the correct answer then he is given points. If he happens to give a wrong answer, the other player will be given the chance to answer it and the point will be given if he gets it correctly. That is the name the tune game.
  • In this game, everyone can be a participant. Someone will start a song and the word where he ended will be the first word of the next player singing another song and that will continue until all the players are done. If it happens that someone wasn’t able to do it, he will be out of the game until there’ll be a winner.

There are a lot of good games while traveling, so why spoil your day by being bored when you can do things that will make you have fun. Storytelling is also a good activity. Why not have fun even you are not yet in your destination? After all you will just have to enjoy there too. You have to make most of your time.

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