Snack Ideas for Air Travel With a Toddler

by wheng18 on September 8, 2011

Snack Ideas for Air Travel With a ToddlerToddlers are fond of eating so you have to pack snacks that are handy so you won’t run out of food to when your kid asks for one everytime. This is also one technique for you to keep your child behave well when traveling. But since you are traveling by air, you have to know the rules and you have to abide by those rules. You just have to be creative and of course with you planning it well, it will turn out to be great. You would definitely be able to prepare snacks that are messy free.

Take these snack ideas for an air travel with a toddler, it’ll serve as a guide for you.

  1. Rare are those kids who like sandwiches much, you have to surprise them by cutting sandwiches into different shapes they would love. Those sandwiches would surely look delightful and delicious to the kids.
  2. Cookies are also good snacks for kids but don’t overload your child with sweets for they may get hyper. You wouldn’t like what will happen if you allow them to eat much of chocolates. Crackers or flavored biscuits are also handy snacks for air travel.
  3. You can still be healthy even when you are on travel. Bring with your fresh fruits, that would be very great for your toddlers. A good source of vitamin and minerals. They would love it.
  4. Take with you some mini cakes or can be muffins. You can bake homemade cakes or muffins to bring along with you during the trip. Yogurt is recommended too.
  5. In terms of beverages, provide sippy bottles or cups where to put drinks. Aside from milk or juices, bring water. Make sure that your child is hydrated while on travel.

With a little planning for the travel with your toddler, you’ll be able to have and enjoyable trip. Searching for snack ideas for air travel with a toddler is important to make sure they are happy and they won’t bother you while on board.

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