Newest Amusement Parks in South East Asia

by Eleine on September 8, 2011

The Universal Theme ParkDo you know that Asia is the second fastest growing place for amusement park industry in the world? Yes, it’s true. New theme parks and attractions have increased tourism and boost attendance all over Asia and still trying to be on the spot.  Several countries like China, Singapore, South Korea,Vietnam and India will see new theme park openings. Hong Kong and Japan are looking forward to new attractions and park expansions. That means there are exciting new things waiting for all tourists and travelers out there who want whole new better experiences.

Singapore will not be absent in the list, since it is one of the most visited country in the world! The Universal Theme Park, located on Sentosa Island in Singapore has just opened last year and is also a huge catch of visitors nowadays.

Now let’s go to Hong Kong. Just last 2008, HK Disneyland had debuts the “It’s a Small World” boat ride complete with other adored Disney favorites and an expanded look at theHong Kongculture and skyline. Isn’t it nice especially for kids who are in nature good at imagining? They would surely love this.

In China,Joy Valley Theme Park is currently being built to bring more amusement value for your Shanghai holidays. This includes a hotel, a conference center and theater.Shanghai’s Chingming Island will also build the country’s first ever theme park for bicycles. It would be a nice place with three cycling stadiums one for motocross. The said park will also incorporate a training school, gallery and a bicycle museum. So for all whom loves biking this is a new place to check and experience a whole lot fun.

It is said that a $70- million theme park (no name yet) for Jammu on the banks of Tawi River and a $36- million park named Wonderland in Mumbai are now being planned. These will surely be as good as the present theme parks inIndia. Well, you still have time to save money! But for now you may go to Veegaland Park and Ramoji Film City two of the best theme parks in India.

CT Group in Vietnam announced its plans to develop a $180 million entertainment project which includes amusement park. This is expected to be completed by 2015.

Lastly, in South Korea, there are 4 expected theme parks to be open in year 2012-2015. Locations are in the Island of Jeju,Inchon near Seoul, Hwaseong and the other is still to be announced. One thing is for sure, these parks would give you the modern entertainment everybody will love to experience.

In the next years, you’re children might asking you to go to one of these parks so you better start saving and consider the fun and good memories this parks might share to you and to your love ones!

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