How to Write an Effective Travel Review

by wheng18 on August 27, 2011

Travel reviewWould you like to have a remembrance of an exciting trip you had? Well, documenting is the key. Documentation does not only refer to pictures or videos that you capture while you are on your trip, it is also remembering what experiences you had and putting them into writing. Making travel journal or review is one great way to record your trip. Aside from having your stories being told, you say it through writing. Be a writer of entertaining, educational and helpful reviews. Let these following steps help you make a good picture of what you experienced on a trip you just have done.

Let you readers feel how you felt. Let them use their imaginative skills to find out how great places are. Here’s how to write an effective travel review.

1. Always bring with you a journal notebook whenever you go on a trip. You gather information by writing in the names of restaurants where you go into, including the food, the great hotels and establishments that you get to visit. These facts will help you much for you to be able to write an effective travel review.
2. Having an honest judgement of the things you have seen must be a rule. Be true to the things that you write if you have comments and complains then write it too, just give the reasons why. You are looking it to your own perspective, that’s why it is called a review though as a writer you have to tell it in the right manner.
3. You have to be careful on the things you write about the place. You can include there the best time to visit the place and the peak season, how is it like, the ways how to get to different destinations and the best way to save while in there.
4. You can emphasize your best experiences and the activities you enjoyed the most so there’ll be some things that people would consider as they go there.
5. And to be able to make things perfect, you attach pictures that serve as a remembrance of the beautiful destinations you get to experience during your stay there.

An important part of your life not to be just kept but most importantly, to be told. Readers may have experienced the scenes in their imaginations but let them be more satisfied by putting in the colorful pictures that you were able to take. This will serve as a travel guide to readers. Let it be your best travel writing experience.

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