How to Turn Down a Teen’s Travel Request

by wheng18 on September 9, 2011

turn down teen requestTeens are aggressive and uncontrollable sometimes. There’s a certain behaviour where they have to insist the things they want. They are unpredictable. But with proper way and behavior of dealing with the problem, you will be able to let your child realize your reasons. There are things they want to do on their own that do not convene to your rules as a parent. Independence is not measured by this, this is one you have to let your child know. Safety is your most concern and he must understand that. Being a parent will give you the authority to allow your child or not for the vacation. Don’t look too rude on your child, you just have to let him realize that you are doing this for his safety.

Turning down a teen’s travel request is a difficult one. Your teen may have planned this escapade with his friends with excitement and all and with you turning it down would be a frustration on his part and so here are some tips on how to turn down a teen’s travel request.

  • When your teen asks you about the trip he is interested in, you have to indulge yourself on listening about the trip first. Do not make decisions right away. Be informed first and weigh things out. You have to know the details. Ask him his reason for wanting to join the trip. Be open to the answers your child would give you. You need to let your child know what is your concern about the travel. Ask him if there’ll be an adult accompanying them for the trip so there’ll be someone who will look after them. And if you are able to find out that no one will be going with them, you have to tell your child that it’s a problem.
  • Tell him that if they could find someone to accompany them and who is willing to be in charge with them for the whole trip, then you will be more assured that he is likely to be safer but if not, you’ll have to stick to your decision of not allowing your child.

Let your child know that his request does not only end because you don’t like the idea. He needs to understand that you are just for his own safety. Being a teenager lets him to be independent but he must still know his limits. You can turn down your teen’s travel request by not hurting his feeling, he may be a bit disappointed but he will understand your main reason.

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