How to Travel with Your Boss

by wheng18 on August 30, 2011

how to travel with your bossDid you ever imagine yourself traveling with your boss for a business trip? Do you feel uneasy every time you think about it? You would think it’s uncomfortable but with some tips, it’ll help you bring out the true you with confidence.

When traveling with your boss or manager, you would feel uneasy especially when you are not really that close. You tend to feel that way but you can still make a way to not to let this happen.
 Before the travel, ready yourself. You plan ahead. Read on magazines or books depending on what your company is for, I mean those books related to what your work is. You will look more interested to what you are going if you do this.
 Converse with your boss, it’s good if you ask general questions like, why did he/she chose the business, who or what inspired to go for a work as such. Be careful with your words but do not be too conscious, you have to keep a conversation with your boss as friendly and as professional as you could.
 Do not reveal too much information about you, you have to keep your personal life private. But if your boss has been a friend of yours then you can talk about everything under the sun. About your personal lives but do not reveal all secrets. There are things you have to keep for yourself.
 Join parties, celebrations and night outs but you have to watch your alcohol intake. You are on a business trip not a vacation. This is not a time to get crazy and wild. You have to be conscious on things you are doing.
 Pay gratitude to your boss. Tal about the seminar or convention or whatever things you did for the trip in terms of business. Let him know that you are thankful and that you learned much for the trip, that he/she wasn’t wrong for choosing you.

This maybe a good opportunity for you to enjoy your trip, see beautiful places and a chance to get in touch with people having different culture and traditions. Just remember to be still in line with your purpose of travel. Book your flights now, have a safe travel with your boss.

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