How to Travel With Fish

by wheng18 on August 24, 2011

Travel with fishTraveling with a fish is something you have to prepare of. Fishes are sensitive to temperature in water. You have to know the do’s and don’ts so you could travel with a fish safely. You don’t have to bring with you aquarium so you could carry your fish. But if you wish to, you can have it to ensure the safety of the fish. You just have to some of the water and remove those that could cause breakage. You have to put in a carton and put in some papers around it to make sure it’s safe. You have to cover the aquarium but make sure that air could pass through it.

Travel or fly with your fish. Know the tips on how to travel with a Fish.

1. Put fish in just a small aquarium. It has higher possibility to break if you put them in big aquariums. You can have options other that bringing with you an aquarium. You can have your leak- proof plastic bag. You have to close it with a rubber band. Then you put it in a container, it can be Styrofoam or a cooler may do.
2. When putting fish in the container, do not fill it with full water, it should be just half and make sure that there’s air. They need air so they’ll live. Do not put too much fish in just one bag. You need to know not to overcrowd them. You have to check on your pets everytime, you have to open them once in a while to freshen the air. Bring with you some extra water if it happen to have a problem.
3. Be ready for possible bruises in your fishes, there are available healing agents on pet shops, just put it into water and let them heal. Following directions is very important.
4. As soon as you reach your destination, you put the fish in aquariums. Neutralize tap water before adding to the fish tank. You can find neutralizer agents at local pet shops. And then add the water to the tank.
If you noticed, I didn’t include food in y tips because fishes can go far without food for days. Just make sure then that you give them food to eat as you get to your destination. Don’t over eat them. You may have traveled with them safely but caused them to die by giving so much to eat, that would be something depressing. Keep your pets safe by following tips on how to travel with a fish.

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