How to Travel With a Cat

by wheng18 on August 15, 2011

Cat travelPet lovers do travel with their pets on vacations. Moving along with your cat would be better if you know how to travel with your cat. Know the tips on how to keep the cat happy and secured as you travel.
There are cats who are hyperactive and those who get sick while traveling, you have to know what your cat likes as you travel. Be able to recognize it before you go for a long move.

You have to practice the cat as you are in the car. He needs to get used to being in the car as you travel. Let them relax and when you are sure that your cat is at home with the car, then you are ready. If your cat gets sick while traveling, be able to visit a vet before you go on traveling. Let the cat take medicine before leaving. Be sure that you feed your cat and let it drink travel before leaving. It also helps if you give mild sedative for your cat before your travel.

Make your travel with your cat stress free. You have to plan the trip beforehand. It helps if you look for accommodations that allow pets. Prepare for your travel, it helps if you design a schedule.

Provide your cat with a carrier with its harness on. You’ll be able to avoid the chance of losing your cat. You can attend to it as you move along. Let your cat stretch its legs, it helps for the cat to get relax too.
You pack for your kitten. Bring with you things that your pet will likely use as you travel and that includes food and water.
This will be a great bonding for you and your kitten. Take these tips on how to travel with a cat. Have a safe trip and enjoy the escapade.

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