How to Travel When Pregnant

by gretch on August 15, 2011

Tips For Safe Travel During PregnancyPregnancy is a delicate phase of a woman’s life. It gives a sense of fulfillment. The baby inside a woman’s womb is a blessing from God so it is necessary to take extra care. Should traveling be discouraged during pregnancy? In some cases, traveling should be discouraged as much as possible to avoid miscarriage and other complications especially during the first months. But if you really need to visit a certain place or you have to take a holiday vacation some place and you have to endure long hours of trip, then you must learn some helpful tips to ensure your safety. Pay attention to the following travel tips for pregnant women:

  • Pay your doctor a visit to get a professional advice. Make sure that you are fit to travel. It’s totally safe to travel during pregnancy but if you are sensitive, you need to take extra care.
  • Bear in mind that the ideal time to travel is the second trimester. As much as possible, set your trip when you are past the morning sickness.
  • Everytime you ride in a car, it is important to buckle up for your safety. Fasten the lap and shoulder belts for the best protection of you and your angel.
  • It’s important to keep the air bags turned on for you to be safe in case of accidents.
  • If you are taking the bus, remain seated while it is moving.
  • If you have to go to the restroom while on the bus or train, you have to hold on to the rail or seats for balance.
  • Limit your travel time around five to six hours. Take shot walks and do stretches at bus stops to keep the blood circulating.
  • If you are taking the plane, choose an aisle seat. This spot will make you more comfortable.
  • Choose airlines with pressurized cabins. Avoid smaller private planes as much as possible.

Traveler mothers can still enjoy tours and trips during pregnancy for as long as they observe safety measures. Take care of the baby inside you! Be safe!

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