How to Travel from Cebu to Bohol

by wheng18 on August 22, 2011

cebu to boholOf the many enticing tourist destinations in the Philippines, Bohol is considered to be one of these many attractions. If you planned of having your vacations to Cebu, why not make most of your vacation and travel across Bohol.

Tourists do have a choice on how they could reach Bohol, they could take a flight to Cebu or to Manila first then Cebu for only a few flights can be booked to Cebu. There are a number of airlines that have international routes. In order for you to have a stress free flight, it’s more convenient if you do book a flight to Cebu and from there, you travel to Tagbilaran then continue by boat. A regular boat could take you there in 4 hours.

If you travel from NAIA in Manila, you have to get a domestic flight to Cebu and it will take you 50 minutes to get there. Or if you prefer to travel by the sea, that can be choice too. Traveling rom Manila to Bohol will take you 25 hours, there you’ll get to meet new friends and have an experience that is different from the usual travel you do. Having this cutting trips is a part of the travel so better just bring with you the most important things you need on your trip. You don’t extra baggage, don’t bring them so that you will have a hassle free vacation.

If you want to cut budget, there’s another way to get to tagbilaran, you can take a ferry to Tagibon and from there, you travel by bus to Tagbilaran. You will not only save money, you will also be able to save time in traveling. You have to check on the security regulations set to travelers so you won’t bring them with you. If you iwsh to travel from Cebu to Palawan, Cebu to Boracay Baguio to Bohol and Davao to Bohol, there are a lot of ways, there’s always a way. Fly now and meet beautiful people and captivating views.

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