How to Travel by Bus

by wheng18 on August 26, 2011

Travel by busTraveling by bus is exciting too. Given that you are used to go on a trip with your own car or by air, it’s also good that you try to tour by bus. It may take you long hours to travel but you have great opportunities of enjoying your journey as you get to your destination. I am used of traveling by bus. This is more affordable that any other means. During the holidays I get to visit my family and spend my vacation with them. I may have the chance to travel by air for it won’t take me hours to get there but I still prefer to travel by bus. It is more practical and a lot thrilling.

 Be prepared, plan ahead of time especially when you are traveling during the peak season. You can buy tickets or make reservations a week or 2 before your tour.
 Ask about their route, you can take the single destination or there buses going for two destinations. There are buses too that will get exactly to your destination without cutting trips. Ask for discounts if you are a student, senior citizen and so on.
 You can have your carry on bag only or a separate bag for your clothes and other things, carry with you some food to eat and water. There are buses with comfort rooms already but if you don’t want that, you will definitely have 3-4 stop overs where you could eat and go for personal needs. Bring with you your jacket, usually buses are equipped with air conditioner so it’s always good to be ready. If you wish to carry with you a pillow, why not.
 Usually bus companies do let their travelers to choose their preferred seats. SO it is necessary to book your travel ahead of time.
 It is important that everytime you get out of the bus for stops, you have to know where the bus is exactly located and what bus number you are in. Never forget that.

Traveling by bus is fun especially when you have your friends with you. It is even more practical. A long travel like this is worth it as you reach your destination. Enjoy and be inspired.

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