How to Spend Less on Hotels

by wheng18 on August 22, 2011

Spend less on HotelsTravelling abroad has lots to offer but you have to be ready with your cash for that planned trip. Of course you expect this. Basically, you need money to buy your airfares and for you to be able to book your hotel accommodation. Booking for airfare or hotel rooms can be expensive. And so you have to look for ways on how to cut your expenses and how you can avail for discounts. You can do good buys by comparing the prices they offer.

• Go travel booking using your credit cards. You can check different sites and if you could try to bargain to avail the discounts they offer, why not? Always check for cheaper prices of holiday inn, motel or hotels online.
• Avoid staying in hotel in the weekends. The cost of hotel rooms during the weekends in much higher than on weekdays. This is a good way to spend less when travelling.
• Be aware of the peak season of your destination. Knowing that might give you an idea on when to go and when to book hotel rooms. Expect higher prices in the peak season.
• Ask for discounts for those students, kids or seniors who are with you on that travel. This also a great way to spend lesser. It’s not bad to ask, you are customers, you have the right to ask. You can also present your loyalty card if you got one to avail for lower prices.
• There are those who offer services such as breakfast in bed or meals in the hotel and other services but you should avoid them so you won’t spend so much.
• Look for hotels a bit away from the city, they do have lower prices than those located at the center of the place.

Feel the good prize of travelling and learn how to spend less on hotels with these things. If you once had a bad hotel booking experience then let your next travel be the best by following these tips.

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