How to Make Travel Journal

by wheng18 on August 23, 2011

make travel journalMaybe you would want to document every detail of your travel abroad. And I suggest one way of capturing those things aside from having your cameras on. You can bring with your journal book so you could have journal writing while traveling. Having your own journal book is a great way to gage how much satisfaction you had during your vacation and a way to list the numerous blessings you have received. A way for having a new self for you can definitely reflect and introspect. Traveling is one great time for professional growth and enriching your experiences.

With your journal book with you, you’ll be able to write and even just sketches. If you would like to draw the majestic views of the place where you are going, that can be too. Just chose a handy notebook that can fit in your bag so you won’t hard up in bringing it. You can bring with you some coloured pencils along with your favourite pens.

Have a scheduled time to do your journal but if you are not used to that, you can have it anytime you feel like doing your journal so the flow of ideas and emotions will go smoothly. Include the things you consider as blessings to you within the day. This serves as your diary to remember every event of your travel. You can also include photos taken from the place where you had your vacation. Photographs make it more meaningful. You get to capture the events happened into your travel. You can add in there receipts you had when shopping at famous malls, memorabilia your new met friends gave you. If possible, you have to be detailed with the events, include specific situations you were faced in to.

Design your new journal and make most of your time documenting the significant events and this will serve as your souvenir which you can keep for a lifetime. A treasure of yours, a gem. Let it be kept by you and let it serve as beautiful remembrance of the place.

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