How to Design a Travel Mug

by wheng18 on August 24, 2011

designing travel mugIt’s been a trend for many people to use, mugs that are designed to prevent the liquids from spilling but you can still sip it. Given this facet, it is now used for traveling, you can bring with you’re your coffee or chocolate drink, you can still enjoy drinking while traveling.

Usually these travel mugs are produced by companies but this time some do have their own ways already on making their personal mugs. There are a lot of travel mug styles to choose from and if you are creative enough you can make your own at its best. You can also make as personal gifts to friends. And if you are thinking on how to design a travel mug, I’ll give you tips.

1. You have to choose a printer offering travel mugs as an option and start making yours. Make one that is different from the others, you can have a representation of your personality as a theme for your personalized mug.
2. Now choose the style you want which is offered by the printer. You can work on a mug to work with. With the style you chose, you have also to select and request for the size and the artwork you want which is available in the printer.
3. Have your own design. This is your moment to be an architect of your own mug. You can use your favorite cartoon character or the logo of your company, symbols or your original creation. You have to work in black and white first for you to have an easier translation of the image.
4. Print your design now and cut it then attach to your travel mug. Check your mug if you were able to create your desired design.

Whatever message you would like to convey, it’s always best and will be appreciated because you did it yourself. This is also very great gifts for people who are dear to your heart.

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