Good Places for a Wedding Reception

by wheng18 on August 31, 2011

wedding receptionWedding as they say is one the happiest and the most awaited experience of a woman in her life. Every women dream for it, that sometime in her life, she’d be able to experience the incomparable excitement and wonderful feeling of being married with the one she loves. But given this idea of marriages, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend so much for a good place for a wedding reception. The celebration of your vows, a beginning of your lives together can be simple.

  • Most of couples just continue the celebration in their homes. This is very practical, you don’t have to pay for your reception anymore especially when you don’t have much budget for it. Get your party be organized in your relatives’ house or it can also be your friends’.
  • Choose a place which played an important role in your love story, a place where you had special memories together. It can be your favorite place, or the place where you first met, where your first date happened or where he proposed.
  • Get a simple celebration at a restaurant. For some who do not want any hassle on food and service, they tend to just book wedding receptions in local restaurants. You won’t have to invite so much and so this will let you spend less.
  • For some who have the means, they really pay for a hotel accommodation for their wedding reception. This may be a good idea but you need good budget so you could have it.

Receptions in simple but good places do not mean there is lesser sanctity of the wedding. However you celebrate it after the ceremony, it will always remain a memorable event in your lives. It won’t matter where you had your wedding reception but how you celebrated it.

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