Checklist for Air Travel With a Toddler

by wheng18 on September 9, 2011

air travel with a toddlerToddlers need full assistance and supervision especially when traveling but not only that, you have to b patient enough and be informed of the things you have to do to ensure your child’s safety as well as yours.

For the parents out there who are planning for a travel with their toddlers, better read this checklist for air travel with a toddler so you will be reminded.

When you think of security when it comes to toddlers, they are of no exception. They also have to undergo in the same procedure before they get on board. All the things that you carry including medicine, milk and some others, you have to proclaim it to the security.

In terms of food, you have to bring with you plenty of food for you to your babies to eat. Airlines do give meals or snacks to passengers but do you think your picky child will like it? And so in order to reduce tantrums especially when he feels hungry, you have to bring enough food with you.

Make sure that your child is seated well so he could sleep well too. He must comfortable in his place for him to be able to sleep well and enough. You can bring with you a pillow or something that he wants to be beside him when he sleeps at night.

When toddlers are not sleeping nor eating, expect them that they are planning. Play is something natural among kids. Bring with you on your trip your babies’ most favorite toy or fantasy books to keep him busy and happy as well.

You have to know the 90/10 principle, remember that you are in control of your emotions and it’s on you how you would handle things out. If it happens that your child couldn’t stop crying or throwing tantrums and you are running out of patience, you have to think that you are in control of your emotions, your child can feel how you feel, so the more he smells that you are upset, the more he will be.

Here’s a checklist for air travel with a toddler. Be informed and learn. Enjoy a safe, happy and stress- free travel with your kids.

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