Careers That Have International Travel

by wheng18 on August 22, 2011

Jobs-That-Require-TravelHaving the opportunity to work abroad is a concern of most Filipinos. The fact that poverty is a problem, there is also low employment for graduates especially the non graduates, their last resort is to go abroad and look for a greener pasteur. Who would want to receive a high salary, build his own house, could buy the things his family needs. I guess everyone would love to. Here are career that have international travel, look for the right course or job for you. There are a number of positions abroad for nurses, teachers, engineers, chef and a lot more.

  1. The teaching profession has also lots to offer in terms of international travel. ESL, preschool and Sped teachers are of high demand abroad. Knowing the nature of Filipinos, they get to give care a lot and have the intellect to teach such.
  2. In the field of medicine, they look for nurses and doctors who are willing to travel internationally. They offer high salary especially in the US but only a few are lucky enough to go. However, you can still have the chance and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. On Cruising Careers. Cruise lines do hire people who are skillful enough in different careers on board. Jobs would include chefs, engineers, receptionists, activity planners and coordinators, waiters and waitresses as well. This is a great opportunity to travel in different places in the world.

There are a lot of possible jobs abroad. It’s on how you’ll plan for yourself and be able to involve or engross yourself in careers that have international travel. Have a successful trip. Hope you’ll find the work best suits you.

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