Best Tourist Spots in the Philippines

by wheng18 on August 25, 2011

Intramuros PhilippinesThe Philippines is blessed with rich natural resources that bring much fame and appreciation for the country. Reconnoitre this mother land. I wished to wake up on a Christmas morning with snow outside my window but I won’t give up the usual things I see from my own country. Have a glimpse of the history and culture of the Philippines emulated by the best tourist spots and historical places that brought enjoyment and satisfaction to every visitor who comes. They get captivated by the old and historical churches and places, attractive beaches and resorts and the islands that make up the country.

Philippines do expect a lot of tourists yearly. People come and go and come again for they get captivated by the beauty Philippines could bring. Though the country is one of the places whose main problem is poverty, a lot still visit the place because of its unique and incomparable features. It is blessed with beautiful, extraordinary spots where you could do your favourite activities.

Check these few best tourist spots in the Philippines.

  1. Philippine Islands in Pangasinan
  2. Beaches in Palawan
  3. Boracay Island
  4. Chocolate Hills in Bohol
  5. The Historical Intramuros in Manila
  6. Mt. Pulag
  7. Pagsanjan falls
  8. Puerto galera in Mindoro
  9. Baguio City
  10. Beaches and Historical Churches in Ilocos Norte

Not only the Philippines is endowed with fascinating and dazzling natural resources, it is also blessed with hospitable and happy people. You can avail for package trip or it’ll be more affordable if you work on everything to book for cheaper flights and hotel. Come to a destination which they call paradise.


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