Best Time to Visit Manila

by wheng18 on August 22, 2011

ManilaVisit the right place at the right time, that should be one consideration and should be followed by all travelers out there. If you go to places for a vacation, you all have the chance to choose when to travel so having this opportunity, you have to look for the best time to travel.

The Philippines has only two seasons, the wet and the dry seasons. Since the Philippines is located in near the ring belt of the globe, it is also mostly visited by typhoons during rainy days. Summer starts from March- May, but later part of May , we experience rainy days already. As the school starts the school year in June, expect that more rains will come definitely until the month of September though we still do experience rains until that time. They say, the Philippines is one of the countries who celebrates Christmas for almost 4 months, we feel the ambiance of Christmas season when -ber months come, that is September and that celebration goes all the way until January.

For those who are asking if the Philippines is a safe place to visit, yes is the answer. It is definitely safe and you can still find hospitable, very accommodating Filipinos. Before you go on a trip, you have to know the rules first of a certain land before you go and do something. You have to consider all those things.

For me, the best time to visit Manila is during the Christmas season but if you are looking for summer destination, there are also a lot in the Philippines. It’s all on your hands what to choose and where to go. Never miss visiting Makati and Quezon City if you go to Manila. It is part if the rich culture of the place. Experience good buys and modernization in there.

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