Best Time to Visit Baguio

by wheng18 on August 22, 2011

BaguioBaguio is considered to be the summer capital of the Philippines but more than that, it has also lots to offer, from festive activities to the food best found in there. There’s no doubt that Baguio has numerous visitors anytime of the year. Aside from the cool weather it brings, it is the home of spectacular cuisine, shopping center, and hotels. Know more about Baguio through this.

Given the great nice weather they have, it is a great opportunity for them to grow different kinds on vegetables and plants. The home of various, beautiful and colorful flowers and as a sign of thanksgiving, they do celebrate the Flower festival or known as the Pinagbenga festival in February. A perfect place to go during the month of love. A month long celebrative with festive activities that does give more splendor to the place, it will be given life by the floats full of flowers paraded from Session road til Burnham Park. You should just be ready for traffic and crowded places if you go during that season.

It is no doubt Baguio is one of the many destinations in the Philippines where tourists love to go. On regular days, you still have a lot to see in Baguio. Let me name a few, go to Mines View Park where you could see pleasing and amazing view of Benguet’s gold mine but I suggest for you to avoid going there during the rainy seasons. You can have a tour at the Philippines Military Academy. One thing that is loved by many people in Baguio is different shopping stalls of cheap products, can be food or even accessories, clothes and shoes. Try going to the market and you’ll find prices of good you never expected you’d find.

There are various hotel accommodations that fit your budget. Everything in Baguio has reasonable prices. Don’t miss to go horseback riding in Wright Park and go boating in Burnham Park and most especially, don’t you ever miss the 1 day old chick that you can find on the streets of Burnham Park.
Next stop? Try Cebu City or the historic City of Manila. The country may have lost its gleam in some points but still it remains to be one of the best seen countries in the world.

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