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by gretch on June 7, 2011

travel to  macau china

Macau is a renowned entertainment and leisure holiday destination. It is one of the best of Asia. It’s very surprising to know that it has exceeded Las Vegas to become the largest gambling venue in the world in terms of gaming revenue. Many people visit Macau for entertainment. It has international casinos like Wynn Macau, Grand Lisboa, Venetian Macau, and Sands Macau. But Macau is not just about casinos. It’s more than gambling. It also offers great shopping and cuisine. There are also luxury resorts and hotels that will surely give you awesome services. Other tourist spots include old churches, ancient temples, theater, and others. The city is filled with rich cultural experiences. If you want to see the best places to visit in Macau, you can go on a cruise or simply fly to the city.

Before booking your flight to Macau, it is highly necessary to know something about its weather.

The Weather of Macau

Macau has a tropical monsoon climate caused by oceans. It actually features both continent and ocean climates. The seasons include the following:

  • Summer: It stretches from May to September. The temperatures are high and the humidity is heavy.  Rainstorms, thunderstorms, and waterspouts are brought by the temperatures and humidity.
  • Spring: It is from March to April. The days are filled with pleasant sunshine.
  • Autumn: It is from October to December. The temperature remains moderate.
  • Winter: The season is from January to March.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Macau

The best travel days to go to Macau are during the months of October, November, and December. These months offer a comfortable weather for every tourist. Visitors are going to enjoy the activities because of the nice weather.

Airlines usually offer low airfares to Macau. Traveling to Macau is such a good experience. For the best places to go to, consult a good travel agency and ask for a quotation to Macau.

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