Best Time to Travel to Korea

by gretch on June 6, 2011

best time to travel to koreaSouth Korea is now one of the favorite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia because of the lovely tourist attractions in there. The country is blessed with beautiful mountains covered with snow in the winter and vast green land. Its rich culture and tradition also attract foreign visitors. The people there are also interesting although majority of the people cannot really speak English. It’s really a good destination where you can learn some new experiences and probably their language.

If you have plans to go to South Korea and spend your vacation in there, it is important to know something about its climate and the things that you could possibly do while in there. Keep reading and learn some information about the country.

The Weather of South Korea

Korea has four seasons-spring, summer, fall, and winter. Let us try to describe each of the four seasons.

  • Spring: The temperatures are warm but not hot. There’s not too much rain during this season.
  • Summer: The season starts with a dreary rainy season in June and turns into a steambath in July to August, with extreme humidity. Many people avoid going to Korea during summer because of this kind of weather.
  • Fall: The season starts in September. The humidity and temperatures get more tolerable. Fair days are common and the surroundings are really colorful.
  • Winter: January and February can be really cold because of the Siberian winds from the north.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Korea

The best choices are spring and fall. It is great to be in Korea in spring because of the warm temperatures. Fall would also be great because of the good temperatures and humidity. September could be the best month to fly to Korea. But winter would be great for people who want to have a good time skiing or hot-spring hopping. These would be awesome experiences for anyone.

If you want to be comfortable with your tour in South Korea, choose between spring and fall. The hotel accommodations are great so you will surely enjoy your holiday vacation. Have a safe trip!

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