Best Time to Travel to Japan

by gretch on June 8, 2011

travel to japanVisiting Japan can be a wonderful experience for anyone. It is a very interesting place to visit. Tokyo, the capital city is an amazing city that will surely fill your vacation with wonderful memories and awesome experiences. However, you have to prepare a pretty good amount of money when traveling to Japan. Why? Japan is one of the world’s most expensive countries.

Tourist Spots in Japan

If you have been wondering of the best places to visit in Japan, then let this post feed your curiosity. Take a look at the following:

  1. Akan National Park
  2. Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge
  3. Asakusa Kannon Temple in Tokyo
  4. Byodo-in Temple
  5. Chion-In Temple in Kyoto
  6. Golden Pavilion Temple in Kyoto
  7. Daitokuji Temple in Kita-ku
  8. Daibutsu-Great Buddha of Kamakura
  9. Ginza at Night in Chuo, Tokyo
  10. Heian Shrine
  11. Hakone Lake District in Kanagawa
  12. Horyuji Temple
  13. Himeji Castle
  14. Katsura Imperial Villa
  15. Kyoto National Museum

Best Time of the Year to See Japan

To make your trip to Japan really fun and exciting, you need to know the best month and time to fly to the country. It is helpful to understand its climate. It has the following seasons.

  • Winter: The season is from December to February.  It is cold, but not so bad. You can tolerate it. If you want to enjoy snow activities, this is the season for you. Hokkaido and Honshu Island have good ski resorts. January and February could be the best months for you to be in Japan.
  • Spring: The season stretches from March to May. This is the best time to go to Japan because many flower related activities are held. The surroundings are very colorful because of the cherry blossom flowers in March and April. When traveling to Japan, one should not miss the sakura flowers. During this season, Japan has the so-called Japanese Girl’s Festival which is known as hina matsuri. It’s done in the 3rd of March to pray for happiness and good health for girls.
  • Summer: It’s from June to August. This season can be fun filled with many events. Summer is the best time to visit Hokkaido.
  • Fall: It stretches from September to November. The surroundings are very lively and beautiful because of the colorful leaves.

Getting to Japan is usually by plane. Consider the things that you want to witness and explore in Japan before deciding to go so that you will enjoy your tourist life in Japan. Once you’re decided, you can now book your flight to the best airline in your country. Have fun!

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