Best Time to Travel to Italy

by gretch on August 15, 2011

ItalyOne of the popular and lovely places in Europe is Italy. It is a romantic place for lovers and also a good family vacation destination. There are many good things to experience in there, especially the food. However, you have to consider things like budget, weather, seasonal atmosphere, cultural events, and crowds. Due to its popularity, many international visitors are expected to go there anytime of the year. But there are certain seasons where in prices and temperatures are not really friendly to tourists.

When is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Italy?

It actually depends on your preferences. There are things that can be experienced in certain seasons. But it might be helpful to understand its weather. The temperatures are usually mild and the crowds are not so huge from April to June. These could be the best months to visit Italy. Huge crowds start from July to mid-September. August is the worst month because it is hot and crowded. On the other hand, the best months to visit Rome, Milan, Florence, Verona, Naples, and Bologna are November or March.

When is the Best Season to Visit?

Summer is the peak season of Italy when the country is at its busiest. Many restaurants and shops are closed in late August. Late spring and early autumn are the best seasons to go to Italy with the weather at its mildest and the crowds at a minimum. The best time to cruise is in the months of May or September.

What are the Best Places to Go in Italy?

  • Tuscany: The place to find great works of Renaissance painters, architects, and sculptors.
  • Florence: Uffizi Gallery is located in Florence. It features paintings by Botticelli, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Tiziano, and other famous painters.
  • Venice: It is a great place for lovers and families. Try the gondola ride or hang out in St. Mark’s Square.
  • Rome: Right in the city, you can find The Vatican City, The Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi, and others.

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