Best Time to Travel to Hong Kong

by gretch on June 7, 2011

Searching for a good place to visit while in Asia? Go to Hong Kong! The magical city is such an adorable place to see and it will never disappoint you because it has a lot of exciting things and experiences to offer. It is really an interesting place to visit with its best beaches and other tourist spots. It is a small and developed city. It is a city with multiple personalities due to the influence of Britain. It has absorbed people and cultural influences from the East and the West. This makes it a unique destination.

travel to hong kong

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Below is a list of the best tourist spots.

  • Tai O Fishing Village
  • Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
  • Victoria Peak
  • The Star Ferry
  • Temple Street Night
  • Nathan Road
  • Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Weather

The seasons of Hong Kong include the following:

  • Spring: The season stretches from March to mid-May. Temperatures and humidity rise slowly and evenings can be cool.
  • Summer: It stretches from May to mid-September. It is hot and humid.
  • Autumn: It starts from late September to early December. The days are clear and sunny.
  • Winter: It stretches from mid-December to February. The humidity is low.

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

November and December are the preferred and best months to fly to Hong Kong because of the pleasant breezes. The temperature drops in January and February. Warmer temperatures are felt in March and April. In May, the air can get sticky and humid. Expect cyclones in September.

The things that you want to experience in Hong Kong dictate to you the best time to go there. Figure out the things that you want to do before you fly to Hong Kong. You can actually go there anytime of the year. Check for online promotions for the best airfare and the cheapest packages.

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