Best Time to Travel to Beijing China

by gretch on August 15, 2011

Beijing National StadiumChina is a very interesting place in the world. It is a country with rich culture and history. It is a blend of ancient and modern things. There are unique things about China and they attract many international visitors. The historic capital of China hosted the 2008 Olympic Summer Games and its National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) is also one of the attractions in Beijing. Deciding to go there is a good decision but you must know the best time to visit Beijing in order for you to have a wonderful trip to China. Some factors to be considered in traveling to a place include weather, peak seasons, and budget.

Climate in China

Take a look at the seasons of China and their descriptions and then decide which season you would like to experience.

  • Autumn: The season is considered to be the best time to fly to Beijing because the skies are clear and the weather is really pleasant. You will also enjoy colorful surroundings and since it is the season of harvest, you might as well want to try picking fruits and vegetables. It’s also the best time to climb hills and hike along the Great Wall.
  • Spring: Spring in China has moderate temperature plus the surroundings are good because of the flowers that bloom and trees than sprout. Spring is the time to visit gardens, parks, and temples. It’s also time for flower festivals.
  • Summer: Summer in China can get very hot. It runs from June to August.
  • Winter: It can get very cold and the people usually indulge in skiing, ice-skating, and spas. There are also exciting ice lantern festivals.

The best time of the year to fly to Beijing actually depends on your preferences. If you want to witness the activities in a certain season, then book your flights in that certain season. Look for cheap package deals to avail discounts. You may also want to include Shanghai on your list of best places to visit to make your vacation in China more exciting. Enjoy your tourist life!

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