Best Time to Travel to Argentina

by gretch on June 12, 2011

travel to argentinaArgentina is one of the destinations that are truly inviting and captivating because of its lively culture and stunning landscapes. It is a paradise for travelers. Buenos Aires is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Argentina. If you are planning for a trip to Argentina, it’s important to have an idea of its climate first so that you will be able to decide when to go there.

What is Argentina’s Climate Like?

The climate of Argentina ranges from subtropical in the north to humid and steamy in the center, and cold in the south. The Andes Region receives unpredictable rainfall, and floods in summer.

What are the Seasons in Argentina?

Fall: It stretches from March to May.

Spring: It stretches from September to November.

Summer: It is from December to March.

Winter: It is from June to August.

When is the Best time of the Year to Visit Argentina?

The purpose of your visit or tour dictates the time that you should go there. If you plan to experience Buenos Aires, the best seasons would be in fall and spring because the temperatures are mild. Don’t go there in summer because it is extremely hot. In summer, the beaches and resort towns are crowded with locals, but Buenos Aires is somewhat abandoned of locals. If you plan to go to Southern Andes and Patagonia, it’s better to be there in the summer to enjoy longer and warmer days. The best time to visit the Northwest and Iguazu is in winter when the rains and heat have subsided. Spring is also a good choice because the temperatures are mild and the streets are less crowded. With this weather, you will enjoy the best places that boost the tourism industry of Argentina.

Traveling is fun once the weather is friendly. Before you pack your things and book your flight, make sure that you know the weather first. Make your vacation even more exciting by tasting the local foods. Consult a good travel agency like travel channel or Travelocity for more inquiries about their tour packages. Enjoy your vacation!

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