Best Time to Travel in South Korea

by wheng18 on August 15, 2011

Seoul South KoreaKoreans are part of every Filipino life, from the telenovelas they get to offer,  to the Koreans we get to meet and encounter. Their stories make Filipinos love them more for they are light and simple, you just have to sit, relax and laugh and that’s what Filipinos love.

South Korea is one country where I would like to spend my vacation in. Hearing so much things about Seoul makes me appreciate the place more aside from the fact that I would like to meet my students who I taught for almost 3 years online. They are part of me. That short time with them will forever linger in. But when is the best time to travel in South Korea? Here are a few reminders/ tips on your vacation to a wonderful country like Korea.

Discover the unusual and perfect tourist destinations of Korea. You have to be aware of the climate of the land. Korea has 4 seasons. Winter falls within the months of December and March. Spring is from April to May. You expect rain in Korea between the months of June to September though it is also the time of the summer. I suggest that you don’t go there during these months. Know that summer falls in the months of April to May and autumn which is the best time to travel in South Korea is felt between the months of September to November where you enjoy the dazzling colors around. There’s a perfect weather for indoor and outdoor activities, basically perfect for a trip around town. Spring is also one of the most loved seasons in Korea. The beautiful and colorful flowers make everything perfect. You would just simply stare at them and smile.  The climate is cool and you would witness the flowers as they blossom.

Arm yourself with enough information on when is the best time to travel in South Korea. A perfect place to visit and I guess you wouldn’t want to ruin your vacation in one of the most beautiful , appreciated and respected countries in the world.

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