Beach Resorts in Ilocos Norte Philippines

by gretch on March 30, 2011

Ilocos Norte is a hidden treasure of the Philippines.  It’s a province in the northern part of the country.  Laoag City is its capital.  It is not so popular compared to other provinces but it is a precious gem. It has a lot of exciting things to offer.  It has beautiful spots that will truly capture your attention and interest.  The sceneries that you will see there will definitely make you appreciate the world more. You will be amazed with its beauty.  Ilocos Norte is a great vacation destination, particularly if you are from a very busy and toxic city. The province has been featured in Ilocos Times (a local publication) because of its notable achievements and exciting features.

If you are into enjoying your holidays in beaches, then Ilocos Norte would be a good choice.  Actually, most of the popular and beautiful beach resorts are from the municipality of Pagudpud, which is hailed as the “Boracay of the North”.  Look into the random list of some famous beach resorts in the province.

1. Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention Center

Hannah’s Beach Resort and Convention CenterThis beach resort is one of the newest beach destinations in the province.  It is a place where you can experience luxury and exclusivity in a very welcoming environment.  It features a convention center, spa, and water activities.


2. Villa del Mar Ivory Beach Resort

Villa del Mar Ivory Beach ResortThe place is one of the popular beach resorts in the province. It feature ivory sand and clear blue waters. The accommodations include 30 rooms that can      accommodate 130 guests.  Guests can enjoy the services and facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant and mini bar, multi-purpose pavilion, picnic areas, guided tours, and water activities.

3. Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort

Pannzian Beach and Mountain ResortThe unique feature of this resort is that it gives guests the best view of the Luzon Strait and the Pico de Loro Mountain. Every room features a sight of the tropical gardens. It also offers hiking, fishing, boating, and other activities.


4. Saud Beach Resort and Hotel

Saud Beach Resort and HotelIf you want to explore the nearby spots, Saud Beach Resort would be a good option.  The staff will treat you to a half day tour to see the Patapat Viaduct, Bantay Abot Caves, Caunaya Landing Site, Dakkel a Danum River, Dos Hermanos Islands, and Timmangtang Rock.


5. Playa Tropical Resort in Currimao

Playa Tropical Resort in CurrimaoIt is hailed as the newest northern paradise.  It is actually a very beautiful place to visit because of its Bali-inspired architecture.  It comes with five two-storey Casas with private pools.  It lets you experience the traditional way of dining using dulang (low dining tables).  Guests have to sit on the floor.

Book your reservation now and experience the fun and excitement being in Ilocos Norte.  If you want to be in the capital city, you can stay at the inns or lodging cabins there.  I am pretty sure that your trip will be great.  Don’t forget to taste the local dishes to make it really unforgettable.

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