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by wheng18 on September 9, 2011

about travel agentWorking as a travel agent is fun, you just have to be qualified. The love to mingle and work with people is a great advantage. You have to be able to meet what people like on travels. On the other hand, you at the same time experience the benefits of discounted hotel accommodations or flights if you wish to travel. Aside from the passion for the work, most travel agents do love these rewards they get. They got to have the special ability to treat costumers and the expertise on travel arrangements.

Travel agents must be able to bring in to the customers great travel ideas and packages for a vacation somewhere. They get into the arrangements of things from the flight booking to the hotel accommodations, activities to do and even the places to visit. Vacationists won’t worry for anything more.

Let’s get to know more about travel agents. They get to book flights in airlines or cruise lines, parties, hotel rooms/ accommodation, meetings. There are those who work as an agent in companies but a lot also work for themselves. There are 3 categories where agents are divided. Some work as a business travel agent, they are responsible for deals for the travelers who fly for business, make sure that the flight won’t not delayed and also other arrangements related to it. The other is a family or economy travel agent, agents mush suggest the best and the cheapest packages and destinations that the whole family would love. The other one are those who specializes in different 5 star hotels and flights making sure that every detail is perfect. They are to make recommendations on national and international places to see. Travel agents must have a broad knowledge on that.
Ofcourse there’s a need to for travel agents for education and training. They must be well versed with these destinations though they say that you’ll learn the job on the job, it still helps of you do have your best potential as you go to the filed. On travel agent earning, you’ll get to have commissions from book flights that you made aside from the monthly salary you get.

It makes a lot of sense if you do consider being a travel agent to be your field of specialization. It is very great opportunity for fun and learning. You’ll grow and succeed if this is really your passion and if you give your heart to it.

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